Educational teaching resource with environmental credentials

Occasionally, you’ll discover a product that you can use, that performs and is simultaneously good for the environment. These education resources are one such example. We’ve done this because we monitor and take cognizance of our environmental impacts so as to keep them minimal.

In making these products here’s what we have done…

  • We use solar power to run our printing machines and then green electricity from the electricity grid for all other operations
  • We recycle materials where we can and have a waste management system for streaming waste into their types for potential re-use.
  • The materials we use throughout the manufacture of these education resources have been selected to have the lowest environmental impacts possible and we are continually searching for lower impact options.
  • We choose to offset some of the carbon emissions associated with manufacturing these resources. This money is invested in recognized offset approved forest plantings by Tree’s for Life in South Australia

We are conscious of our environmental performance and as you can see, are pro-active in reducing our footprint. You’re purchasing these education resources, supports us in those initiatives, and for this we thank you.